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Hypochlorous Acid, commonly referred to as HOCL was discovered in 1834 and mainly used in the medical field. HOCL is created when salt water, NaCL, is electrolyzed under specific electro-chemical conditions.


HOCL is naturally produced by our white blood cells for healing and protection from bacteria and viruses. HOCL is ideal in the fight agains Covid as it moves quickly to oxidize pathogens in a matter of seconds.

Being that HOCL is entirely natural it has no side effects and once an area like a work space is treated can be re-occupied in just minutes. Minimizing down time make this solution is deal for aircraft, ambulances, hotel rooms, gyms and churches.


The HypoX SX50 generator is a batch process using advanced membrane type electrolysis technology for the onsite production of concentrated HOCL. This new technology locks the chemical structure to provide a longer shelf life than other home use generators. 


HypoX SX50 generates a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-corrosive, solution that is deadly to viruses yet completely people and pet safe. HOCL solution is currently used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment and most recently to effectively eradicate Covid from surfaces, air and skin.

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