HOCL Solutions

Robust HOCL is safe for use in the home, in the office and in many industries that serve the public. As a natural chemical free solution HOCL can be used throughout the day on surface and even applied as hand sanitizer. 

When HOCL solutions is applied with a mister the solution will evaporate in minutes. This eliminates extensive hand wiping and quickly decontaminates high touch surfaces. Depending on the frequency of traffic in an area many businesses will mist several times per day. 

Being entirely natural and having no side effects, treated areas can be re-occupied in just minutes. Minimizing down time make this solution is deal for aircraft, ambulances, hotel rooms, gyms and churches.

Facts on HOCL It is just that safe.

HOCL is nature’s perfect germ killer and is a naturally occurring chemical produced in our bodies by white blood cells to fight off bacteria and inflammation.

100% safe and natural as it is created from salt, water, and a process to electrolyzed this solution under specific electro-chemical conditions.

Created over 100 years ago, HOCL, was used primarily to sanitize open wounds in World War I. 

The food supply industry rinses fruits, vegetables and lettuce to eliminate salmonella and other bacteria. 

HOCL is used in raising livestock to combat unwanted germs and bacteria. Even your favorite sushi is misted for your protection.

Widely utilized in the medical field HOCL in a range of concentrations or parts per million, PPM, is currently used to disinfect ambulances, hospital rooms, dental offices and senior care facilities.

HOCL is ideal in the fight against Covid as it moves quickly to oxidize pathogens in a matter of seconds. HOCL lacks an electrical charge unlike most disinfectants. This allows rapid and effective elimination of viruses and pathogens.

Studies show that HOCL is over 100 times more effective than bleach. HOCL is non-toxic and can be used as hand sanitizer. Bleach is a harsh chemical, corrosive and. harmful to your skin. 

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