Redefining Surface, Hand, and Air Sanitizing

Our products are people and pet friendly, non-toxic, and chemical-free to quickly decontaminate any environment

For a safe return to work, school, travel, and recreation, an effective decontamination protocol will be a requirement, not an option.


Misting systems combined with a human friendly sanitizing agent can help control the spread by clearing viruses from hands, surfaces, and even the air you breathe.


PCO Technology designed for NASA Disinfects air & surfaces 99.98%

Game Changer to safely re-open

 all types of businesses.

Air Scrubbers

4 stage HEPA & carbon filtration MERV -17 rating

Continuous 99.97% virus filtration with rapid air exchange.

Misting to neutralize air, surface & skin

Aircraft to Commercal Use

HOCL Nature's germ killer used

for over 100 yrs

Eco Safe~Non Toxic~Non Corrosive

HOCL Generators 100% natural high-level disinfectant

Cost Effective HOCL Creation


Launched in aviation 

Private aviation needed to sanitize after each flight, with no time to spare. We provided them

with a solution.

Misting with HOCL allowed crew to prepare the cabin for new passengers in just a matter of minutes.

Every business is

a customer

The list is long of businesses benefiting from our misting systems. Hotels, Gyms, Resorts, Gas Stations, Churches, Senior Residences, Business Offices, Medical Offices, Car Dealerships, Restaurants and VRBO's.


Helping people adapt to the new 

normal is our goal

It is all about helping people safely go their own way every day. We offer a complete line of ULV misters along with highly effective non-toxic, chemical free sanitizing and disinfecting methods.

Industries of all types are using misting to create a safer environment for clients, guest and employees.

Contact us to find our which product is best for your application.

Mass Transportation
Assisted Living

Our Products Are Here to Help

  • Personal Misters

    On-the-go hand pump aerosolize misters are the perfect solution to 

    quickly decontaminate 

    both hands and frequently 

    touched surfaces.

    Carry with you in your car, backpack or purse.

  • Misting Systems

    ULV misters broadcast sanitizing and disinfecting solutions quickly and effectively. Misters propel fine 5 to 20 micron droplets with the velocity to cover any size area to clear the air

    and surfaces.

  • HOCL Sanitizing Solutions

    HOCL is a hospital grade

    sanitizing solution. 

    HOCL is 100 percent safe for humans, food and pets. Lethal to bacteria and viruses yet non-toxic 

    and non-corrosive. A natural solution for today's virus. 

  • HEPA Air Scrubbers

    HEPA and Carbon filters capture 99.97% of bacteria and virus particles as small as 0.3 microns.  Three models range from 600 to 2000CFM to clear areas up to 3,000 sq. ft. four times per hour.

  • Ozone Air Generator

    High concentrations of ozone gas provides a chemical-free treatment of both air and surfaces. Specifically suited to clean up to 2,000 sq. ft. in just hours killing all bacteria

    and coronavirus.

  • Make your own HOCL 

    Janitorial services, hotel chains, resorts, senior residences, or any high volume user can now economically create HOCL. The HypoX generator system is 100 percent chemical-free and simple to operate. 

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