HOCL Misting

Misting is a powerful tool that can help any business or home maintain a high level of sanitation. Now you have a quick and easy way to decontaminate both air and surfaces.


Whether you own a gym or restaurant, have a staff in an office building or want to keep your home safe and disinfected misting give you the ability to lower the contact risk.


Our ULV (Ultra Low Volume) misting products take ordinary disinfecting to the next level by creating a wide reaching mist to cover hard to reach surfaces and travel in to the air.

Misting or commonly called Fogging is a method that uses a fan to disperse fine micron droplets of a antimicrobial solution in to the environment to decontaminate large and small areas.


When misting the disinfectant or sanitizing solution is broadcast up in to the air and then falls on surfaces. This method clears viruses, pathogens and bacteria from the air you breathe as well as the surfaces you touch.


The misting machines that we offer are capable of projecting fine vapor of 5 to 50 micron droplets up to 30 feet in the air. Our smaller units for aircraft, hotel rooms and emergency vehicles projects a fine mist from 5 to 20 feet depending on nozzle settings.

Due to the coronavirus there has been an unprecedented need to efficiently disinfect  any size areas from full buildings to small rooms. Best of all if you use a non-toxic solution you can reoccupied areas in just minutes.


Misting with an all natural, non-toxic solution such as HOCL is the key to the safety of everyone sharing spaces, from personal vehicles to mass transportation and from gyms to schools.


As the coronavirus continues to stay with us, we can adapt by regularly misting any areas that has frequent visitors. The safest route to re-opening is to decontaminate the air and surfaces in the areas you live and work multiple times a day.

We offer a large selection of misters which are specifically designed to reduce the transmission of Covid-19.


  • Try our on-the-go personal misters as they compact and light. They are designed to allow you to carry with you throughout the day and will help you stay safe by neutralize air and surfaces as you go about your day. Keep on hand in your car, backpack or purse.

  • Our electric fan driven misters are available is many sizes, with both cordless/rechargeable and plug-in models. This units can be used in any size area for quick and effective dispersement of a solution such as HOCL.

Remember to mist areas of high traffic and high contact


  • In the home be sure to mist smart phones, toys, bike handle bars and helmets, cabinet handles, door knobs, table tops, light switches, faucet fixtures, stereo/tv controls, and computer keyboards.

  • For offices, gyms, churches, schools and most high traffic environments be sure to mist all door handles, stair rails, restrooms handles, desk tops, arm rest, chairs, keyboard, and elevator switchboards.

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