New discovery, Recent Scientific Studies on Public Restrooms

Three new scientific studies, published recently, revealed that the novel Covid-19 virus can spread much easier and in many ways stranger than we knew.

Each of the studies took three different factors into account: Airborne dust, low Humidity, and Public Restrooms.

The bottom line is to wear a mask and mist all public areas as frequently as possible to disinfect contact surfaces as well as to disinfect the air that you breathe.

Airborne Dust

Scientists believe that respiratory droplets such as those produced from sneezing, coughing, talking, or breathing, were the primary source of disease transmission.

A study from the University of California, Davis, and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, however, has disturbingly added to the virus transmission landscape. This research found that influenza viruses can be contracted by attaching to any fibers, dust, and other microscopic particles in the air.

Low Humidity

A study conducted by Australian Dr. Michael Ward, and reported in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, established a causal connection between low humidity and the mass spread of Covid-19. 

This research found that a 7-8% increase in patients could be linked to about a 1% decrease in humidity. This same link is mimicked in other weather trends including temperature, wind, and rainfall.

The reasoning behind this is surprisingly straightforward. Lower humidity makes air drier, which in turn makes the aerosols smaller. These aerosols are already smaller than droplets so imagine just how small they are and how easily dispersed they can be.

And when someone sneezes or coughs, these tiny, infectious aerosols can remain suspended in the air for much longer, some research shows up to 3 hours. This, in turn, increases the duration of exposure, making it much more likely for more people to inhale them. 

Humidity allows for the aerosols to be larger and heavier, increasing the rate at which they fall and settle on surfaces faster. Once again, the discovery points to misting air and surfaces as often as possible. HOCL areas can be misted several times a day if not hourly. HOCL is safe and areas such as restrooms can be occupied immediately after misting.

Public Restrooms

Bet you never gave this much thought but... Chinese researchers from Yangzhou University carried out a study on the release of aerosols from toilet-flushing. They found that the flushing of public restroom toilets and urinals can spray a large cloud of virus-carrying aerosols. These aerosol particles can be easily inhaled, and so present a very grave public health challenge. Scientists need to urgently create better anti-diffusion solutions in order to control infection spreads or any other health threat for that matter.

Since flushing involves a rigorous interaction between liquid and gas, it tends to release a wide dispersal of aerosol particles. Urinal flushing, in particular, causes a much larger scale spread of viruses and bacteria. In addition, do not use blower dryers after washing hands!!

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