Cordless-Aircraft specific
Compact just 14.2 x 7.9 x 8.7 inch

So compact you will take this mister everywhere you travel.
Carry wherever you go for misting aircraft, rental car & hotel room.
20oz. tank / Rechargeable


The JS-7B compact mister is powered by a aviation approved lithum battery.


Perfect for spraying eco-safe HOCL solution which is extremely effective in killing COVID-19. This solution is safe to apply with only a mask required. The mist dries in just a few minutes without residue, is non-corrosive, and safe around foods. HOCL is used in purifying drinking water. It is that safe.


Ideal for disinfecting smaller areas as small as vehicles or aircraft, hotel rooms, classrooms, and any high touch surface.

JS-7B Aviation Approved Rechargeable Mister with 27 oz. tank


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